From, Columbus Day

Still working on Columbus Day.  Wanting to keep it right about 2k words.


People are angry with me, well let them be!   He thought viciously.  They don’t know how vital I have been.  How loyal. How sacrificing.  Only to be sacked by a child simply because I am too old for their taste!   He piloted the elevator back to his floor.


As the door began opening again, he could see that the lobby of his employer was now crowded.   Sanford stood with arms folded across his chest, beet red in face and fuming.   His flunkies were in a scared, huddled mass behind him.      And at Sylvia’s desk were various others, gathered to see Mr. Michaels making his stand.


A word popped into his head, a word he hated.   A word he seriously doubted he had ever uttered in his life.   It was crude, offensive, and despicable.   A term he thoroughly despised.   Yet none other would do.   Desperate times!  Desperate measures!   He would do it.  


The door paused again at eighteen inches and Sanford started to step forward.   Mr. Michaels stood ramrod straight at the opening and shouted, “AGE IS THE NEW NIGGER!”    The crowd at Sylvia’s desk cheered.  


This isn’t about writing.

This is a different journey.  The journey to find a decent pick up truck.  It’s become rather fun actually.  A great study in human nature (guy human nature, sorry ladies).  I have looked around with online ads and found out that the ads usually don’t even resemble the actual vehicle.  I have found that Craigslist is a wasteland of barely running vehicles described as “clean” and well maintained.  I looked at one “clean” truck this weekend that had cig butts thrown all around the cab.  I wouldn’t even sit in this one for a test drive it was so filthy inside.

I finally placed a wanted ad on Craigslist that read like this:

“Is there anyone out there who actually has a truck for sale? I keep trying to find a small truck on craigslist and it is always the same story. It either is total junk or they are suddenly are unavailable when I try to make a time to see it.

I’m sick of the scams and idiots. If you have a small pickup you want to sell here is what I am looking for: It must be clean, little or no rust. Not wrecked, reasonable working condition. I don’t mind if minor things are wrong with it, but nothing major. Don’t care if I have to put tires on it. Let me know what doesn’t work 100%. No junk. No cons. No scams. Clean titled! Nothing rusty. No mystery garbage, tell me exactly what you have.”

Now this really spurred on the whackos.  Since this ad I have been offered: one with no title (oh he can give me a bill of sale that is just as good!), one with no brakes or muffler, one with rusted out wheel wells (It only has a spot or two of rust, I promise), one with oil flowing out of the valve covers (the guy was telling me what a clean engine it is at the exact moment I saw this mess), one with doors that won’t open from the outside (we rigged up a rope that you pull on), one that kept dying when I drove it (its OK when it warms up, I promise), And one from a cheap used car lot (hey that noise it makes is normal).

I see a story in this somewhere.