This has nothing to do with writing …

This has nothing to do with writing other than my family is always my inspiration and motivation to do anything I do.  We had a morning at the park with the grand kids



Stories I will write one day

Some of the ideas I keep around.  I have jotted a few things down for some of them.  Some of them are only what you read here.


  • A man has the $500 million lottery ticket.  Burns a lot of bridges and runs up a lot of debt in anticipation of cashing in the ticket.  Only to find out that due to a computer error or computer hack, he is only one of 100,000 winners and his before tax winnings will be about $5,000.
  • A young man in the 1860’s is an avid reader of pulp westerns or “penny dreadfuls” as they were called.  He strikes out for the west expecting the adventures of the pulps and finds a much different reality.
  • The Yard Sale Bandit (the title).  The yard sale bandit is an extra and a stage hand for a community theater.  He hits upon the idea of disguising himself with items from the theater and robbing garage sales of their cash.
  • The Blue Whisper of Emptiness (title).   A pretentious author is the quintessential “angry young writer” and plays it for all it is worth.  Portray’s self as a man of the people and a rough and tumble modern day Hemmingway.  He hits on an idea to wander the streets from downtown to his home, hitting every bar along the way through some of the seediest areas of town.  He discovers that he is not so brash and fearless as he wants to believe.
  • The Golden Boy Awakes (title).  A gentleman has always had everything work out for him.  From childhood on things always fall into place.  He has always been in the exact right place at the right time.  Even when something bad happens to him it quickly turns positive in some way. He can do no wrong it seems.  Then his awakening.


Some day kids!  Some day!




Columbus Day – I think it’s ready!

Columbus Day is a short story I have been working on for 8 or 9 months now.  I have sent it off to a few online magazines and got close evidently because I got the rare editor feedback from two of them.

I have shored it up, pared it down. and taken most of their suggestions.  But I sought out an experienced fellow author (published) who also serves as an editor.  He went through the story and had only one suggestion relating to story and around 20 or so corrections relating to typos, words, etc.  

I made one minor change at the end roughly according to his suggestion and fixed all of the word issues.

Now, it goes back out.  Once I research some appropriate magazines for this kind of story.  


And I believe it will be picked up this time.