From a short story in progress

It’s probably time I finished the rewrites on this one and made it presentable.



He noticed the rattle trap car as soon as it pulled behind him on the main drag in town.  The car was a long way back when he got to his driveway.  Mitch reached his front door and heard the ragged strains of Sweet Home Alabama blasting from a tinny car stereo, then came the noise of a creaking and rumbling junk car before he saw it rattle noisily into his driveway and clunk to a stop.  The motor choked dead but the radio blared on as the door screeched open.  Before he heard her first scream, he knew it was Linda. 



Acting – my vacation from writing.


That is I in the background.  I play Merriman the butler in the play, The Importance of Being Earnest.  I have just witnessed a Victorian era cat fight and now the women are instant best friends.

Lots of fun.  I am priviledged to be a part of it.  Presented by the Garfield Shakespeare Company of Indianapolis.  Free to the public performances.  For anyone available and local to Indy, information is at

Short Story – Columbus Day is accepted for publication.


Indiana Voice Journal has elected to publish Columbus Day in their online journal.  Great!  This story has been steadily rejected since 2012.  I have rewritten it a dozen times and just did some wording adjustments on it last month.  I consider it one of my best outputs and better than the other three that were published before it.  Here’s what they said:

Dear Donald Baker,

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Indiana Voice Journal.

I received your short story submission “Columbus Day” and I would be delighted to include it in the April 2016 issue of IVJ.

Finally, novel sent off to publishers, and some other long wanted housekeeping

Finally, I have finished what for now is my final edit of Bob, P. I.  It ended up about 79k words in 35 chapters.  My start date was 09/03/2008 and end date 03/01/2016.  Wow, doesn’t seem that long.  Of course I had half of that time when I didn’t touch it.

I have essentially been done since late last year but set it aside while I did other projects.  I finally realized that I needed to quit procrastinating.  So I ran my “well”, “just”, and “ly” filters.  You know in Word you do the find function then search and eliminate most of those occurances.  They are manuscript killers and too much of any of them lets an editor know you aren’t ready.  At least that is what one editor told me a few years ago and I have ran those filters ever since, I think successfully.  And I’m not offering that as a tip, do what you want.

So, Bob, P. I. is off to the very few unsolictied manuscript publishers left.  I found five of them.

I also edited and sent back out my stories Columbus Day, White Nigger, and My Mother the Cat.  I have every confidence that these will be picked up when they find the right magazine.

As for housekeeping, and I don’t want to offend other blogger/authors, but I stopped following all of those blogs giving writing advice and featuring writing tips and prompts.  I almost never read any of them and probably only followed them because they showed interest in my blog at one time or another.

That’s it for now.  I’ll post if anything happens but I don’t expect to hear much for 3 to 6 months.