The Yard Sale Bandit is in Short Fiction Break

My story, The Yard Sale Bandit appears in Short Fiction Break today.
The editors left THE out of the title and changed the word pocket to picket in the text. An unintentional error I am sure because the original document is accurate.
Such is the short story publishing industry these days.


Shadowed Solitude republished by Literally Stories today


Literally Stories republished the story Shadowed Solitude which originally came out in 2013 with The Huffington Post.  This isn’t what I consider one of my strongest pieces and one day, when I get ready to compile a short story collection, I will rewrite it.

Literally Stories is a great group of people to deal with.  This is the second of my pieces they picked up.  They are very encouraging and complementary, I can’t thank them enough.

Literally Stories to republish Shadowed Solitude


Today I received the email we all want:

Dear Donald,
I am very pleased to inform you that your short story, Shadowed Solitude, will be published on Literally Stories at 06.00am GMT on Friday 22.04.16.

Kind regards
Hugh Cron on behalf of Literally Stories

Shadowed Solitude was originally published in the fall of 2013 by The Huffington Post / Fiction 50 section.  I have no idea what happened, my guess an error, but for some reason when they posted it they put it in with stories that had been posted months before.  So it was buried.  On top of that they closed the comments on old stories, so I have no idea what readers thought or if they even noticed it.

I submitted to Literally Stories as they are one of the few who will publish reprints.

That makes five of my short stories that have been picked up since 01/2016, when I got laid off from work and put more effort into it.  On top of that, I finished my novel and got it sent off to a few publishers.

Now, my next goal is to make money.  All I want is one dollar, so I can say I am a paid writer.




Short Story – Columbus Day is accepted for publication.


Indiana Voice Journal has elected to publish Columbus Day in their online journal.  Great!  This story has been steadily rejected since 2012.  I have rewritten it a dozen times and just did some wording adjustments on it last month.  I consider it one of my best outputs and better than the other three that were published before it.  Here’s what they said:

Dear Donald Baker,

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Indiana Voice Journal.

I received your short story submission “Columbus Day” and I would be delighted to include it in the April 2016 issue of IVJ.

Accepted for publication!


I received this from one of the editors of Literally Stories:

Dear Donald
I am very pleased to inform you that your short story, The Last First Friday, will be published on Literally Stories in the near future.
We will inform you closer the time of the date of publication.

If you wish to have an Author CV page on the site, please send us a biography (maximum 200 words).

Kind regards

Adam West on behalf of Literally Stories

I will certainly keep you informed when publication happens.