From, Columbus Day

Still working on Columbus Day.  Wanting to keep it right about 2k words.


People are angry with me, well let them be!   He thought viciously.  They don’t know how vital I have been.  How loyal. How sacrificing.  Only to be sacked by a child simply because I am too old for their taste!   He piloted the elevator back to his floor.


As the door began opening again, he could see that the lobby of his employer was now crowded.   Sanford stood with arms folded across his chest, beet red in face and fuming.   His flunkies were in a scared, huddled mass behind him.      And at Sylvia’s desk were various others, gathered to see Mr. Michaels making his stand.


A word popped into his head, a word he hated.   A word he seriously doubted he had ever uttered in his life.   It was crude, offensive, and despicable.   A term he thoroughly despised.   Yet none other would do.   Desperate times!  Desperate measures!   He would do it.  


The door paused again at eighteen inches and Sanford started to step forward.   Mr. Michaels stood ramrod straight at the opening and shouted, “AGE IS THE NEW NIGGER!”    The crowd at Sylvia’s desk cheered.  


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