She looked at the birds until she heard a rustling behind her.  “Who was that in the crappy car that pulled out of the driveway?”  She heard Randall say from the doorway.

Sandra put down the binoculars and looked at her son seriously.  Randall had the same hair, eyes and nose.  He even stood with the same casual looseness.  But that was lost on her now.  She no longer saw Michael.

Hunter snorted from his chair.  “Damned salesman.  Can’t they read the No Soliciting sign on the door?”  He said.  “Hey look Randy.  The jay is back causing trouble.”

Randall took up the binoculars.  “Cool.  He always tries to take all the seed.  I like it when the other birds fly around and scare him off.”

She stood silently behind Hunter and Randall as they watched the smaller birds deal with the jay.