More new dialog for Bob, P. I.

I know I sent it out to publishers.  But I keep adding details and dialog as it occurs to me.


Downtown Franklin street

They ordered and Bob returned without Vickie in a few minutes.

“You just missed Dick Sickle.”  Bob said sitting down.

“The Mayor?”  Nick asked. “Good, glad I did.”

“Not my fav either, but the wise local businessman befriends both sides of the equation.  Know what I mean?”  Bob said.

“I’m friendly.” Nick insisted “I say hi when I see him.  But he’s a blow hard and I don’t like him.”

“This must be the morning for meeting the rich, powerful and famous.”  Bob said “The TV news reporter guy was in here too, Jimmy Fitch.  And when I popped out to pick up some cigs at Budak’s Market the Big Time Wrestling champ, Mad Dog Kenny Lepscomb was in there buying cigs too.”

“And I suppose you are on a first name basis with all of these people.”  Nick asked.

“You know what they say, brotha”  Bob said “Everybody who’s anybody knows everybody.”

“Never heard that one.  You make it up?”  Nick asked.

“And if I say yes, you won’t like it.”

“No I like it.  Put it on one of your little get rich quick Bob Sez signs.  You’ll make a fortune.”

“Go on, laugh it up now.”  Bob said “Wait until I’m rolling in the dough.  This is how we should start every day.  Meet up at a common place and plan out the day.  Sort of relax and kick back for a while before the action starts.”

“You like saying ‘kick back and relax’ don’t you?  Most people meet up and plan their work day at a common place called the office.  But we can meet here if you want.”  Nick said.

“Always the joke.  Jokey boy, that’s you.”  Bob mumbled.


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