To date there are 21 publications online and in print. Two online publications are from defunct magazines and no longer available. Two upcoming publications are due by the end of 2023: The Globe in The Writer’s Study Anthology, Sioux Falls, SD; Composition For Seven in Otherwise Engaged Anthology (Marzia Dessi editor, available on Amazon). 021. The Course Of Kind – Active Muse, June 2023. 020. Mother Cat – Tenth Muse, May 2023. Print volume XIII. Tenth Muse erroneously omitted a paragraph. I hold all rights and make the file available for download. Mother Cat Tenth Muse PDF is available here TM-VolumeXIII-2023Alt+smol 019. The Last First Friday – Word City Lit, May 2023. 018. What The Man Says – confetti, May 2023. 017. The Yard Sale BanditRevolver Literary Magazine, April 2023. 016. Reader – LEON Literary Review, April 2023. 015. The Course Of Kind – Literary Heist, March 2023. 014. Watercolor – Red Rose Thorns Journal, February 2023. 013. On  National Road, 1869 – Frontier Tales, February 2023. 012. Columbus Day – Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, January 2023.rospects – Fairfield Scribes Microfiction, November 2022. 011. This Remains – Bookends Review, August 2022. 010. Zinnia – Agape Review, July 2022.

009. The Globe  – Academy of the Heart and Mind, February 2021.

008. Suite for Septet – October Hill Magazine, Fall 2020 (pdf only).  Fall 2020, Volume 4, Issue 3 . 007. The Yard Sale Bandit – 1932 Quarterly (defunct), April 2017. 006. Young Man From Back East – MidAmerican Fiction (defunct) June 2016. 005. The Yard Sale Bandit – Short Fiction Break, May 2016. 004. Columbus Day – Indiana Voice Journal (defunct still available), April 2016. 003. Shadowed Solitude – Literally Stories, April 2016. 002. The Last First Friday – Literally Stories, February 2016. 001. What The Man Says – The Southern Cross Review, April 2013.

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  1. Congrats on getting published. I know how hard it is out there and I remember how it felt the first time I was published. I look forward to following your continued pursuit of publishing.


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