The Course Of Kind – Literary Heist, March 2023.

Watercolor – Red Rose Thorns Journal, February 2023.

On  National Road, 1869 – Frontier Tales, February 2023.

Columbus Day – reprinted by Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, January 2023.

Prospects – Fairfield Scribes Microfiction, November 2022.

This Remains – Bookends Review, August 2022.

Zinnia  Published 07-11-2022 in Agape Review.

The Globe. Published 02-26-2021 in Academy of the Heart and Mind.

Shadowed Solitude is republished by Literally Stories April 22, 2016. man-marble-bust-and-mask

Excerpt from A Young Man From Back East is in MidAmerican Fiction and Photography (defunct) June 2016.

Edge of the wood-Edward Potthast - Univ Club of Cincy 1903

The Yard Sale Bandit  in Short Fiction Break in May 15, 2016. yard-sale-sign

Columbus Day  in Indiana Voice Journal 04/05/2016. elevator

The Last First Friday appeared in Literally Stories 02/05/2016. 450

Shadowed Solitude appeared in The Huffington Post 07/2013.

What The Man Says appeared in Southern Cross Review in 04/2013.

One comment

  1. Congrats on getting published. I know how hard it is out there and I remember how it felt the first time I was published. I look forward to following your continued pursuit of publishing.


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