I recently received not one, but two very rare editor feedback.  Along with the rejection of course.  In the many years I have been submitting short stories and the stage play, I have probably only received feedback a couple of other times.  And those times were not all that specific like it was this time.

One editor stated that they were looking for more depth in the main character and perhaps I could flesh him out a bit.

The other editor suggested that there were too many adverbs in use.  And advised I do a document search using ly as the search tool.  I did, and yes there are a few too many most likely.  He also said some other positives about the story.

So, it is most likely back to the rewrite for those pieces.  Somehow, I don’t see it as too difficult.  I know that  these online magazine editors are swamped with submissions and I really appreciate a few lines from them.