Story appears in Huffington, at last!


Honest to whatever, I shouldn’t complain.  After all it is a publication credit.  But, for the love of …

I submitted this way back when, in 05/2013, right?  It appears online 01/20/2014, right?  Well, who knows.  The story doesn’t appear as this weeks featured story, it now shows a publication date of 06/25/2013 and it is buried on page three of the story line up.  However with the mobile app, it appears first page, but still not the featured, new story of the week.  Meaning, it will not be read much.  And believe me, I checked EVERY week and that story was not published until yesterday.  The whole publishing game is such a … such a… game!

So now, why again are so many authors turning to self publishing?

Anyway, I really am happy about it.



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