From: A Granny’s Park Christmas


Ray Allen:  (Carries Dew into the kitchen and the boys follow chattering) You boys been staying out of your mother’s hair?


Sue Ann:  (Over her shoulder) They have not.  And all four of you boys can go play now.  You’re all in my way.


Ray Allen:  (Drops Dew and gets behind Sue Ann) You don’t seem to mind this boy bothering you sometimes.


Sue Ann:  (Twists away laughing and embarrassed) Not now Ray!  Not in front of the  kids!


Junior:  Gross Dad!


Ray Allen:  That gross is what put you on this planet, sonny.


Junior:  I know, but I’m here now so you can stop.


Dew:  What’s Dad doing?  What’s gross?


Sue Ann:  Never you mind, sugar.


Monk:  Shut up dummy.


Junior:  Yeah, shut it.  Tell ya later.


Sue Ann:  Oh no you won’t.  Ray don’t let them tell that baby nothin.


Dew:  I ain’t no baby!  Tell me what?  What’s gross?  They was just tuggin on each other.


Ray Allen:  Nothing you need to be concerned about.  (Points threateningly at the other two boys)  Not a word, you two hear me?




One day I will find a market for this play.  It has been completed for several years now.


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