Anyone use Wattpad?

Thought I would give Wattpad a try.  Mostly I am looking for comment and observations.  May amount to little or nothing or may amount to something useful.



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  1. Hi! I’m MeekoKohaku from Wattpad. You read my story “Youth” and left a pretty heart warming comment. It made my night, so I decided to check you out.
    Wattpad is a community of budding writers. A lot have a lot to learn, but a lot more have already learned. There are a lot of hit and miss stories, but everyone’s story will eventually go somewhere I believe.
    A couple of years ago Wattpad was more about the growth of wanna-be authors, but in the recent years it has turned into something else. Nothing bad, but nothing like it was either. I guess you could say that people care about the reads they get now instead of improving so their reads are well deserved.
    I hope you enjoy the site despite it’s flaws as most websites have. It’s great.


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