Anyone use Wattpad?

Thought I would give Wattpad a try.  Mostly I am looking for comment and observations.  May amount to little or nothing or may amount to something useful.


One comment

  1. Hi! I’m MeekoKohaku from Wattpad. You read my story “Youth” and left a pretty heart warming comment. It made my night, so I decided to check you out.
    Wattpad is a community of budding writers. A lot have a lot to learn, but a lot more have already learned. There are a lot of hit and miss stories, but everyone’s story will eventually go somewhere I believe.
    A couple of years ago Wattpad was more about the growth of wanna-be authors, but in the recent years it has turned into something else. Nothing bad, but nothing like it was either. I guess you could say that people care about the reads they get now instead of improving so their reads are well deserved.
    I hope you enjoy the site despite it’s flaws as most websites have. It’s great.


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