More from Bob, P. I.

More fun as I make my way through the book editing.


Bob tossed his empty coffee cup at Rick and almost sprinted to the door. “Let’s go champ!” He called over his shoulder as he went.

Nick picked up his pace and followed Bob out.

“Hey” Bob called “haven’t forgotten about T. J. have you?” He moved quickly toward his BMW.

“Who?” Then is occurred to Nick “Don’t do it Bob! T. J. Hooker was the 80’s too!”

He was too late. Bob left his feet in a leap and landed squarely on the hood of the black car. However unlike T. J., or the Duke boys, or a hundred other television characters, Bob did not slide. He did scramble a bit on the hood of the car until he caught hold of a windshield wiper and held steady. He looked back at Nick helplessly through his dark glasses.

Nick approached slowly, smiling as he went. “Nice T. J. Or is it Luke? Isn’t the idea to slide off the other side then jump in the car and fire it up?”

“Shut up and give me a hand.” Bob said.

“You talkin to me T. J.?” Nick did his best Robert DeNiro. “You talkin to me?”

“Yeah, yeah. This is real funny for you isn’t it?” Bob held out a hand for help. “Give me a hand before I fall off here and bust my butt. We can’t afford that, we have a new job.”

Nick helped him. “Looks like you already busted your butt.” Then he started laughing as he looked at the hood of the car “Actually it looks like it is your butt that busted the car.”

Bob looked around “Oh, crappage!” He stared forlornly at the enormous dent in the hood of the car.

“You need to lay off the coffee and doughnuts there Lukey Duke.” Nick mused as he got in the passenger side.

“This ain’t funny. Look at my car.” Bob lamented.

“Oh, you mean that big butt print there on the hood?”

“Cute. That could cost me a grand easy. Good thing I have insurance.” Bob said.

“Does State Farm cover butt marks in their policy?” Nick asked as they pulled out of the lot and headed for downtown.

“Always with the funny, aren’t you?” Bob mumbled.


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