Accepted for publication!


I received this from one of the editors of Literally Stories:

Dear Donald
I am very pleased to inform you that your short story, The Last First Friday, will be published on Literally Stories in the near future.
We will inform you closer the time of the date of publication.

If you wish to have an Author CV page on the site, please send us a biography (maximum 200 words).

Kind regards

Adam West on behalf of Literally Stories

I will certainly keep you informed when publication happens.  



  1. I just read your story Shadowed Solitude at it’s terrific. I don’t write short stories but I appreciate how difficult they are to write, even harder than novels sometimes.
    Small world: I also write for Fleet Owner magazine so I know about trucking.


    • I know Fleet Owner. At the moment, I have been laid off from the last transportation company. That’s twice now in the last few years after many years in the same place. That’s the industry I guess.

      Thanks for reading. Truly appreciated.


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