An addition to Bob, P. I.

Haven’t had a post in quite a while.  But have been busy writing when work and time allow.  This is an addition to the novel, which I have promised myself I will actively seek to market to publishers/agents in 2018.


“Go on.” Bob said handing Nick the keys. “Warm the car up.  I’ll be right out.”  Bob turned to go back inside.  “And no radio.”  He added.

Nick started the car and stayed in the driver’s seat.  Bob appeared within five minutes, smiling to himself.  He plopped down in the passenger seat and slapped a check on the dashboard in front of Nick.

“”What’s up Homey G. Funk?  A little get started money.”  Bob said “We need video equipment now.  And don’t say anything, I didn’t ask for more money.”

“This was a set up wasn’t it?”  Nick asked.

“What do you mean?”

“The whole, go-start-the-car thing.  You knew she had a check for us but you had me come out first so you could act like she handed you money.”  Nick said.

“I don’t know what you mean.”  Bob still smiled.

“This was all so you could march out here with that crap-eating grin and act like she handed you money all on her own.”  Nick said.

Bob shrugged  “Anyway.  A new gig.  She’s kind of hot isn’t she?”

“Yeah, what was that all about anyway?  I’m almost afraid to ask.  Last time she looked like a school librarian.  An expensive school librarian maybe.  This time, she’s all different.”  Nick asked.

“What can I say?  She was a bit more chatty wasn’t she?”  Bob said, still smiling.  Bob turned up the car radio.  “One of my all time favs.”  He said.

“I remember hearing it a lot.  Don’t remember anything about it.”  Nick said  “There must be a few hundred more well known songs from the 70’s but this is your favorite.”

“Yeah, so?”  Bob said.

“Yeah, so you of course pick something obscure.”  Nick insisted.

“It Don’t Matter To Me by Bread isn’t exactly what I call obscure. It was a top song in its day.”

Nick shook his head “Always a little off the beaten path aren’t you.  Just a little out of sync with the rest of the modern world.”

Bob shrugged “Don’t know what you mean.”

“Alright” Nick said “let’s try this.  We already know your favorite actress is the unforgettable Polly Holiday whom everyone but you has forgotten.  And McLean Stevenson is your favorite comedian that the rest of the world has forgotten.  Who’s your favorite actor?”

“Hmm.  Hard one, there are so many.  How about George Dzundza.”

“See, that’s what I mean.  I knew you would do that, pick someone no one has ever heard of.”  Nick said.

“Very famous and diversified actor.”  Bob sighed. “He was prominent in The Deer Hunter, he’s was the guy that owned the bar.”

“And to you he outshined the stars of the movie, like DiNiro?”  Nick smiled.

“DiNiro” Bob snorted “Di-over rated.  You know I was going to pick someone even you would know, James Brolin, but I thought that one was too obvious.”

“Of course it is.” Nick said “How about this?  Favorite movie of the 70’s.”

Bob raised an eyebrow “You kidding?  The Seven-Ups.  Best cop movie ever.”

“Maybe best forgotten cop movie ever.”  Nick countered.

“But you have heard of it?”  Bob said and pointed “Ha! Got you on that one.”

“It didn’t star Polly Holiday or McLean Stevenson so I didn’t get that one right off.”  Nick said.  “Best concert you ever attended?”

“That’s an easy one.”  Bob turned to him “Not the 70’s. Last week, ISO with a friend of mine.”

“Indianapolis Symphony?  Huh!”  Nick sat back.  “That’s a surprise.  Who’s the friend?”


“Cochyse?  The attorney?  You took her to the Symphony?  Not Vickie?”  Nick asked.

“Oh, you’re cute.  And funny.  You should be on the Scooby Doo Laff-Olympics.  No Vickie, no more.  Cathy.  I’m movin on up, brotha!”  Bob exclaimed.

“I guess.  And the Symphony, I am impressed.”  Nick continued.

“Beethoven’s Ninth, best concert I have ever been to.  Cathy loves that stuff.  I always kind of liked it, too but never let on.”  Bob said.

“No need to hide it from me.  I like it too.”  Nick said “Moving on up, no kidding.  Suit, car, girlfriend that can speak, and now culture.”

“Know what we did after the concert?”  Bob asked.

“Here we go, back to the same old.  I don’t want to know any of that.”  Nick sighed.

“Not what you think.”  Bob said “We went over to the Slippery Noodle and had coffee until they closed down.  We sat and talked.  It was fun.  Then I took her home …”

“Don’t care.”  Nick said “Change subject.”

“Wait a minute.  I took her home and hugged her goodnight and went home.  We are going to the IMA, that’s Indianapolis Museum of Art for you uncultured hicks, this Saturday, they have some big digs going on and she’s taking me.”  Bob said.

“Don’t tell me” Nick added “you are going to shake her hand when you take her home this time.”

“Funny, funny.”  Bob sighed “I know how you won all of those fights.  You told the other guy your funny jokes until he fell down.”



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